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Bots. A new phenomenon that can be implemented in your VA

The World, on 05/12/2016

As of December 2015, messaging Chinese app WeChat had over a billion created accounts, 650 million active users, and 70 million of them outside of China. Not only for chatting with friends and family, now you can use this app to hail taxis, pay bills and book a doctor’s appointment. All of this thanks to bots.

In the last couple of weeks there has been an emerging amount of news, articles and posts that inform about a new technological revolution: the usage of bots. A bot is a chat-based interface that helps users to complete various and different tasks like ordering products, chat with their doctors, or checking the weather or the score of a sports game.

There are many Bots stores emerging and being developing these days. These last weeks Facebook has announced they are launching Messenger platform with chatbots. You can book a hotel room and order a pizza through a chat with bots in Skype, the application that provides video chat and voice call services, and you can even add bots to this app.

Soon you will be able to order flowers or purchase food through a private messaging without needing to chat with another human. To call your airline or your bank is probably not a very appealing activity. In the future, and thanks to bots, you would only have to interact with those business you care about.

You can add bots to different applications in your smartphone, but also they can be implemented in Virtual Assistants. Imagine how easy would be to say to your VA: I need to buy a dozen of roses for tomorrow’s birthday party, and in few hours you would have the flowers delivered at your house. By providing your VA with information about your address and the payment method among other data, you won’t have to worry anymore about tasks like shopping, ordering food or canceling appointments.

There are a lot of advantages present in this new bot revolution. Apps can be seen as a burden that force you to have a lot of them in order to get a service. Bots will offer natural communication and lots of possibilities in the apps we want. They can be seen as a natural extension of how we communicate and use our mobile phones on a daily basis.

Any innovation in technology that will make our lives easier will be welcomed. Bots promise to save us time that we can spend in most appealing activities, like being with our family or friends. We would have to wait to finally test them, but everything suggests that very soon will have in our hands the power of the new technological phenomenon: bots.



By The Client Relations Factory

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