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FIONA, a platform for developing cognitive computing

The World, on 05/18/2015

2015, according to many experts on the field, will be the year in which cognitive computing will definitely take off. This technology makes a new class of problems computable. It addresses complex situations that are characterized by ambiguity and uncertainty; in other words it allows artificial intelligences to handle human kinds of problems.

There are different aspects that are expected to experience remarkable advances in the world of Artificial Intelligence throughout this year. These include the AI’s capacity for learning and thinking, which will allow a better interaction with humans and other AIs through the Internet of Things. In IBM’s words: “Cognitive-based systems extend the capabilities of humans. They achieve this by learning and building knowledge, understanding natural language and interacting more naturally with human beings than traditional programmable systems.”

The improvements of the artificial mind are expected to transform completely the world of industry and business, taking advantage of the strategic solutions provided by cognitive computing. Being one of its inherent advantages the ability to learn and expand its own knowledge, it is easy to understand why companies relying on cognitive-enhanced AIs will lead the transition to a new model. According to IDC (International Data Corporation) “By 2018 half of all consumers will interact with services based on cognitive computing on a regular basis.”

Because of all these good reasons and promising perspectives we have devoted many time to the development of FIONA, the platform that holds the community for the creation of the artificial mind. FIONA allows people from all over the world to contribute to the development of a cognitive artificial intelligence. Every participant is able to contribute by creating new features ready to be implemented in the platform. In this way, the platform grows richer and more powerful, being able to produce better Virtual Robots.

The future of business and industry is strongly linked to the success of platforms like FIONA. The impact of this technology is steadily affecting our daily life, while most people still don’t realize. Today we ask Siri about what’s going to be the weather like the next weekend, but with this technology we could get much more complex information just by asking an AI that is capable of performing data retrieval and calculations that are very far beyond human limits. That does not mean that cognitive computing will take everybody’s job, quite the contrary: the main goal would be to make the most of a human team by joining efforts with the potential offered by cognitive computing. Quoting IBM again: “Cognitive computing systems learn and interact naturally with people to extend what either humans or machine could do on their own. They help human experts make better decisions by penetrating the complexity of Big Data.” Imagine how this could be easily implemented in FIONA, just by creating a Spark that facilitates the retrieval of Big Data, and manages that data using natural language processing through the interface of a 3D Virtual Robot.

Cognitive computing will be one of the pillars of the 21st century. The creation of the artificial mind is starting to provide successful results thanks to platforms like FIONA. The development and final achievement of the artificial mind is just a matter of time.

By The Client Relations Factory

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