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Health maintenance and prevention. Virtual Robots are doctor’s best friend

The World, on 06/13/2016

Benjamin Franklin once said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” But sometimes we need information about what we should prevent.

The rise in fitness tracking devices over the past few years proves that people trust technology when it comes to their health. It goes beyond sleep or calorie tracking to apps that help track blood glucose levels. Mobile health solutions can benefit both doctors and patients, providing real-time data on patients’ health so doctors would be able to quickly know the information and offer the best detailed and personal assistance.

A recent Pew Research report showed that 70% of adults track their health and 31% of them do so with their smartphone. But while these apps are only able to track health-related data, major improvements have been developed in order to understand that information.
We mentioned in previous posts the benefits that Virtual Assistants offer to the care of elders as well as for mental health disorders, but VAs can helps us in a broader sense. It goes further than simply Siri-esque information. Virtual Robots seem to be expected to emerge in the health sphere as doctor’s best friends.

At SXSW Gepetto Avatars showed a project based on two avatar conversational system that helps kids who are recovering from severe asthma. Once the children leave the hospital they can talk with these two cartoon characters at home, who will ask and answer questions related to their health. It helps the kids feeling better, reduces hospital time and can even save children’s lives.

When providing a Virtual Robot like FIONA with the desired data, you can build a virtual nurse, a doctor-on-your-shoulder that will provide contextualized specific information in order to help people live a better, healthier and happier life. They can memorize an enormous amount of information and apply it to help patients anytime, anywhere.

Although Virtual Robots should never substitute doctors, they can really help us. Domain expertise, context-wise interactions and human language are some of the characteristics thanks to which VAs are starting to be recognized as important cornerstones of the health care solution.

A Virtual Assistant in your day, keeps the doctor away!

By The Client Relations Factory

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