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Intelligent Virtual Assistants are changing the marketing landscape

The World, on 05/23/2016

When it comes to trust, we tend to prefer face to face interpersonal relationships and to mistrust what we can’t see. Not so long ago credit cards were not the preferred payment method and people felt unsecure when shopping online, preferring physical stores. However this predilection towards the physical is something we do without thinking. It’s not rational but based on habits. Nowadays we know that credit cards simplify transactions and online shopping is safe, and provides a varied cornucopia of items to better suit our needs.

This dilemma is similar to the use of a Virtual Assistant in the business sphere. A business owner understands the benefits that a VA can bring to the company, but the problem comes when thinking if clients would trust something not physical, but virtual.

The global Intelligent Virtual Assistant market size was valued at USD 572.2 million in 2014. By 2.020 is expected to reach USD 3.07 billion, according to a new study by San Francisco-based market research and consulting company Grand View Research, Inc.. 

VAs are gaining popularity and becoming the new marketing strategy. The development of new technologies has triggered market growth over the last years and has successfully transformed customer interactions and mobility solutions. Instead of fearing Intelligent Virtual Agents, we should avoid this mistrust by guaranteeing the best Virtual Assistant. There are several benefits offered by IVA technology, such as personalized and quick customer service, enhanced user-experience, lower cost and working 24/7 among others.

In a world that is full of choice overload, consumers need some guidance in deciding what and where to buy. A Virtual Agent will put customers’ needs first, instead of pushing them with product information. By giving a need-oriented service, users would have access to what they really want, saving time and avoiding frustration. As both technology and consumer preferences are evolving faster than ever before, the use of a VA will maintain competitive advantage. There is no wonder why more companies are adopting their virtual help.

2016 seems to be the year where VAs become an integral part of marketing strategies for improving user service. By transforming customer interactions and solutions, Virtual Assistants are encountering a rising demand across several areas, including travel, sales and the telecommunication sector.

VAs promise substantial benefits for both retailers and consumers. Businesses are embracing these new technologies as the AI progress is accelerating at pace.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants have the potential to change the consumer experience and the marketing world. By using big data combined with natural language, interfaces and human-like interactions, VAs are now the best tool to get your company growing and your clients happy, enthusiastic and devoted.

By The Client Relations Factory

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