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Take note of these 10 Key Findings and Conclusions!

The World, on 03/28/2017

What do customers want in a great service?

1. Although alternate channels are making inroads, a phone call with an agent is still the preferred communications channel.

2. A timely response is the most valued item in a customer service interaction.

3. Not being able to understand the agent on the phone and an agent who is condescending or demeaning causes the greatest frustration.

4. If an agent is condescending or demeaning, the majority of consumers say they are likely to seek an alternate vendor.

5. The majority of consumers state that they tell others when they have a positive customer service experience.

6. Only 10% of consumers are willing to pay for a higher level of service, such as receiving a faster response to an inquiry, or being able to access a live agent at any time.

7. 45% of consumers say they always, or usually, make purchase decisions based solely on the organization’s customer service reputation.

8. Consumers are more likely to share a positive experience using social media than they are to share a negative experience.

9. Service providers stated that offering an easy way for customers to provide feedback was ranked as the most valuable system enhancement.

10. When using a mobile device to obtain service, consumers ranked the ability to get a callback once an agent becomes available as the most valuable mobile capability.

And why TCRF Virtual Robot?

- It is 40 times cheaper than live chat.

- It is 20 times than replaying to emails.

- It is 60 times more economical than answering phone calls.

- Quick and easy to deploy.

- Powered by an advanced Natural Language Processing engine accuracy of responses.

As conclusion, the best highly interactive self-help solution!


By The Client Relations Factory

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