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The Virtual Agent, the best suitor for helping Elderly People

The World, on 05/05/2015

The biggest motivation for people who design robots, like we do, is to create something that can improve the living conditions of other people. Seeing how your hard work is transformed into real life applications that make other’s life easier is the most rewarding feeling of our job.

We are always thinking of new possibilities of improving life through the use of robots. Elderly people has always been one of our priorities, as we feel that they could benefit a lot from many features that Robots offer. A well-designed virtual agent could provide them with personalized assistance and relieve them of the burden of some laborious tasks.

We all know about the ailments that the elderly often suffer. When we become elder our physical condition inevitably feels the effects of ageing. Everyday tasks that you could easily manage are gradually transformed into exhausting feats. But our brains also suffer the consequences of being older, our memory is not as accurate as it used to be, and in the worse cases, we might even forget about basic aspects of our lives. As you can see, there is a lot that can be done to help the elderly, and Robots have to take a step forward and give the attention that our elders well deserve.

Think about all the benefits of implementing a Virtual Robot in an elderly person’s home. It could assist them with daily tasks and routines for those who need to follow a special treatment, reminding them when do they have to take their medicines or when is scheduled their next appointment with the doctor. In cases of more complex illnesses that require specialized care with more specific control the advantages of a Virtual Assistant become even clearer. It could be used to monitor relevant markers of a disease and also to warn assistance services if it is needed. Another strong possibility of using robots relies on the development of services of tele-assistance, connecting the household with the doctors and care services of our area. You could make your Virtual Robot automatically set an appointment with your doctor, then receive specialized virtual assistance and, if needed, make it warn the nearest hospital if you are feeling worse.

But the elderly people’s Virtual Robot should not only be ready to deal with the above mentioned cases regarding long-distance caregiving of elder patients. It could also help them with everyday tasks that could result in injuries or fatigue. With the use of home automation devices they could do things like lowering the blinds or locking all the doors just by asking their Virtual Robot to do so. Furthermore, these robots could be used to deal with loneliness and depression that, sadly, are suffered by some elderly people. They could show them the latest updates of their relatives in social networks, and put them in contact with other people feeling lonely, or they could event try to figure out where are the people that they used to know, and try to put them in touch with each other.

Therefore, Virtual Robots have a lot of things to offer when we talk about helping the elderly people. Not only they can be very useful in the process of dealing with the physical effects of ageing but also they proved to have a great potential regarding emotional assistance for the elders. We have seen some worth-considering possibilities in these respects, but we will keep thinking of new ways of making the elderly people’s life easier.

By The Client Relations Factory

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