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Virtual Robots in the Labor Market

The World, on 05/31/2016

Will a virtual robot take your job?. The short answer is: yes. Slowly, but surely, and depending on your job, robots will take it, and in most cases, they would do it better than you.

Approximately 35% of current jobs in the UK are at high risk of automation over the following 20 years, according to a study by researchers at Oxford University. But we shouldn’t be worried. Instead, robots should be welcomed. They will do our jobs better than we can, they will take care of tasks we never thought they were needed, and eventually, they will help us to find a new job for us that will truly make us grow.

What about virtual robots or the so-called VAs? They too will be the future of business improvement.
How many times have you felt that you were treated in a disrespectful way? Or that the bank clerk seems to be more committed to help other person, prioritizing the other customer’s needs before yours? Or maybe a shop assistant has judged you by the way you look, or the products you are asking for? A Virtual Assistant will never do that. The avatar of a VA will treat every person equally. They don’t get sick, or act moody and cynical to clients, since a Virtual Agent’s main goal is to satisfy customers.

The BBC website allows you to find out the likelihood that your job could be automated within the next two decades. If you type “book-keeper,” or “wages clerk” into the search box, the result would be that it’s 97% likely that your job will be taken by a robot, whereas doctors, teachers and social workers are among the least likely occupations to be taken over. At the highest automation risk are telephone salesperson, typist, secretary, shop assistant and bank clerk. Although some of these jobs require interactive tasks, a high degree of social intelligence is not mandatory.

For instance, the power of an artificial intelligent software like FIONA (Framework for Interactive-services Over Natural-conversational Agents) can adapt to different needs. In smartphones, apps, computers and even as a life-sized holographic projection. You can “hire” FIONA to welcome visitors in a building entrance and help them find what they need. She can play the perfect secretary, provide the best customer service, help at an ATM or be the star of a website. Who needs real people when you can ask a VA like FIONA about everything? From products, prices, sizes, delivery, opening hours, information about locations, events… She will even answer personal questions and show emotions.

There are several reasons to consider robots and Virtual Assistants the new white-collar fear, but there is nothing to be feared about. Robots and Chatbots are now more intelligent and capable of succeed in social tasks. They are nice, correct, and know nothing about prejudgment, stereotypes or generalizations. As Oscar Wilde once said: “were that machine the property of all, every one would benefit by it.”

By The Client Relations Factory

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