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The Client Relations Factory is now in WordPress!

Improve sales

This plug in allows you to provide a new and automatic service attention on your web site that turns visits into customers. A virtual robot can humanize the technology in order to empathize and to build trust with customers.
Not only can the knowledge of the character, its appearance be modified depending on what you like. That is possible because this plugin let you have your own Virtual Robot from TCRF fully integrated within WordPress.

Using TCRF tool you can access to all the conversations between the virtual robot and your visitors. Using this information you can update the knowledge that the virtual robot has.
The FIONA platform for creating virtual robots, is since last December 1st, one of the twenty available on the Federation for Research and Experimentation in the Future Internet (Fed4FIRE).

Version: 0.1

If you need additional help in installing the virtual agent Joomla module in your website, please contact our support team at support@theclientrelationsfactory.com