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Your house’s hiperconnectivity under your virtual butler’s control

The World, on 02/16/2017

Virtual robots have revolutionized the customer service of companies. From the automation of monotonous tasks to offering a more personalised customer service experience, they have managed to strengthen and redefine the customer-company relationship. However, the integration of virtual robots has also been introduced into more domestic fields such as home assistance. Virtual assistants are to become the next device to take over our homes.

Nowadays virtual robots are the top device in the so called Internet of things. Connected to the net, they become the manager of the house, controlling all the other intelligent devices previously installed. In this way, aspects such as temperature regulation, security access or illumination will be the last of our worries. For example, thanks to geolocation, the virtual robot will detect our proximity to the house and will start deactivating the alarm system. He will also begin to regulate the house temperature and carry out all the appropriate actions for our wellbeing.

Under the external appearance of a speaker or a tablet these virtual butlers will manage the entire house´s domotics. They will tell us if we have already fed our pet and they will follow commands such as letting all the family members know that dinner time is close. Without a doubt, virtual assistance platforms such as FIONA (Framework for Interactive-services Over Natural-conversational Agents) have come to stay and prove to be the tools that will facilitate and manage our home’s dynamics in an effective, positive way.

Several other technologies are combined under this new group of devices, for example voice and facial recognition. These detect how the user feels or allow opening the front door without having to stand up. The device is equipped with microphones and a camera, whose practical size makes it possible to place it in any part of the house, having a total hands-free interaction as a result.

This way, and thanks to the sparks that can be integrated in platforms such as FIONA, the evolution of our virtual butler’s learning will lead to the automation of new tasks as he will progressively learn about your tastes, preferences and interests, offering recommendations and information about your daily routine. The goal now is the self-learning of completely new skills. The achievement of self-learning without mistakes would then make living in our home a unique and delightful experience.

By The Client Relations Factory

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